Uninstructed classes of life drawing, nude or costumed.

June 2023
Thursday 08 June
Atelier Libre de Modèle Vivant sur le thème du Mouvement & des Expressions avec Beaux-Arts & Entertainment


Nude model session on the decomposition of movement and body expressions. Workshop without teacher - No ...

19:00 - 22:00
75015 Paris
Coming Soon

(costumed models only)

Arsène Lupin, starring Cyrille

Western, starring Anna Luisa, Émeline, Christophe, Cyrille, Gilles & Pascal

The Fairy Tale Witch, starring Anna Luisa

Capitain Nemo, starring Pascal

The Military Commander, starring Cyrille

Marie Curie, starring Anna Luisa

The Mummy, starring Gilles

Mary Poppins, starring Anna Luisa

The Pirates, starring Christophe, Katell, Philippe, Pascal & Zoé

The Thousand and One Nights, starring Anna Luisa, Daphné, Hillary & Gilles

The Circus, starring Anna Luisa, Zoé & Raphaël (pictures by Sabine)

Sherlock Holmes, starring Gilles (pictures by Mélanie)

Mushroom Picking, starring Anna Luisa (pictures by Mélanie)

The Brothel, starring Axelle, Zoé & Raphaël

The old-time Nurse, starring Anna Luisa (pictures by Mélanie)

Sunday Fisherman, starring Xavier & Agnès (pictures by Mélanie)

The Boudoir of the Demi-Mondaine, starring Zoé (pictures by Mélanie)

Miss Marple, starring Sylviane

The Toymaker, starring Gilles

The Fall of the House of Usher, starring Anna Luisa

The Fortune Teller, starring Paola

The School Teacher, starring Gilles