Come and learn how to build and draw the human figure from observation, memory and imagination.


Come and study Analytical Human Figure Drawing with Bryan Lee for 4 weeks.
You’ll learn his generic ERIC mannequin and how to modify it to suit a specific model or character design request.
During these 4 intensive weeks, Bryan will give numerous demos and specific feedback to each student…
The course will also include daily homework assignments.

This course is particularly suitable for anyone wishing to draw the human figure from memory and imagination, character designers, animators, storyboarders,…

NOTE: this course can be taken face-to-face or online. Please contact us for more information.




Having some basic drawing skills is a plus


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Bryan Lee

Bryan is a concept artist, illustrator and teacher, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.
Bryan has worked for THQ, Amaze Entertainment, Otis College of Art and Design, Concept Design Academy and Pic1 Studio, among others. He currently lives and teaches design in China.



Monday, January 29

Day - 01
Introduction and presentation of the ERIC mannequin. 3 drawing/painting phases and ERIC proportions/parts

Tuesday, January 30

Day - 02
Draw ERIC's head and add secondary details (eyebrows, cheeks and jawbones).

Wednesday, January 31

Day - 03
Blocking the "ERIC Red Line". Use of basic drawing tools. Then switch to the "ERIC Black Line" (centerline, overlaps, simple vs. complex, etc.).

Thursday, February 01

Day - 04
Drawing day. Review of all ERIC's construction stages

Friday, February 02

Day - 05
Create a shape. Add shapes to ERIC using 6 basic shapes/ideas.

Monday, February 05

Day - 06
Drawing day.

Tuesday, February 06

Day - 07
Simplified Skeleton.

Wednesday, February 07

Day - 08
Drawing day. Drawing ERIC + simplified skeleton.

Thursday, February 08

Day - 09
Scapular girdle movements and anatomy.

Friday, February 09

Day - 10
Torso simplification & anatomy.

Monday, February 12

Day - 11
Legs simplification & anatomy.

Tuesday, February 13

Day - 12
Arms simplification & anatomy.

Wednesday, February 14

Day - 13
ERIC modified to better match the model. The head.

Thursday, February 15

Day - 14
Modification of ERIC to create a full-body lay-in.

Friday, February 16

Day - 15
Course on lighting and the organization of light and dark values (2-value system).

Monday, February 19

Day - 16
4-value lighting

Tuesday, February 20

Day - 17
Drawing day.

Wednesday, February 21

Day - 18
Draw ERIC from notes and style it using all the concepts you've learned.

Thursday, February 22

Day - 19
Facial expressions

Friday, February 23

Day - 20
Facial expressions


Mon 29 Jan 2024 - Fri 23 Feb 2024


- Paris Time UTC+1
13:00 - 17:00


1990€ (for 80h workshop)


50 rue Sébastien Mercier
75015 Paris

Location 2

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